Social Media Marketing for Link Building: Top Tactics & Strategies

In the world of SEO, social media marketing isn’t very clear to many people. Most businesses are very agnostic about the use of social media as they think that it can affect their rankings. Although, some prefer to hold SEO and Social Media Marketing as a separate entity; however, Toronto SEO firm Toronto feels that both of them are the same.

Those who hold social media marketing and SEO as separate entity; they simply do it because SEO and social media marketing have got different goals and methods. Often, SEO professionals are making use of social media as a part of their link building strategy.


Successful Sites

Major brands or businesses are hopping on the social media bandwagon. It has been observed that social media marketing forms an important part of SEO as it can help in the ranking of the site.

Toronto SEO firm feels that if businesses fail to implement social media marketing within their SEO campaign they can miss out the targeted traffic. Often, SEO experts take the help of social media for link building. This is because link building can help businesses to reach out to target customers.

From a recent survey, it has been observed that:

  • 88% of SEOs include links in social media profile.
  • 53% have experimented with viral campaigns.

Hence, it can be seen that link building with social media is a popular stratagem. If you too are interested to try it out for your business, follow the rest of the blog.


Include Links in Social Media Profile

One can’t just simply ignore social media link building just because it’s a nofollow. Social backlinks for SEO is important and for this reason Facebook allows to add website link under the website filed. Toronto SEO firm states that website URL needs to be posted when one posts something on their wall.


Invite People to Read Your Content

In order to promote content, care should be taken to make the content engaging and concise. Content can carry link to a homepage. While posting a content one must ensure that it is easily discoverable and related to current topic. As a part of marketing campaign, it is important to look out for niche websites where content can get more exposure


Creating Viral Content

One great way to make a social media campaign go viral is by aiming it for teens and adults. Toronto SEO firm experts feel that in order to keep up with the campaign keeping up the conversation with the audience is important. Engaging with audience on real time can help a campaign to go viral and earn loads of links and traffic.


Remaining Creative

Creating a content that is popular right at the moment can be a great way to attract traffic. Even when imitating your competitor’s content, your content needs to stand out. Creating stunning messages on social media channels can help in link building.

Toronto SEO firm feels that link building with social media can be very effective for a business. Whether one wants to gain links through social media profile or by creating a viral content, it can help a business in improving their rank.