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Deluxe Windows is committed to being a leading manufacturer, distributor and retailer, of the highest quality window products and services for both the new construction and remodelling industry that continually meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

Noel, Gary and his crew were professional, friendly and pleasant to have around from beginning to end…

Richard Blair, Pickering, ON

Since installing new windows in our home we’ve been able to save over $50 / month on our energy bill. We had no idea how much we were wasting. Deluxe Windows gave us a free assessment and then completed the job flawlessly. Not only that, but we increased the value of our home.

Tony Clarkson, Niagara Falls, ON

I loved working with you guys. You were so courteous and careful in my home and the windows look great. Excellent quality at affordable prices. I will be recommending you to my friends and family for sure!

Kyle Anthony, Oshawa, ON

Deluxe Windows offered us the best prices. Our friends had worked with Deluxe then they were building their custom home and told us about what a great deal it was. They were right! We paid literally half as much as we were quoted by another contractor.

Jenna Grey, Ajax, ON

Everyone knows home renovations are stressful! Deluxe was great. They really took the time with my wife and I to help us pick the windows what would work best with our extension. We even included a skylight and we couldn’t be happier.

Ruth and Eddie Simpson, Thornhill, ON

A big thank you to Deluxe Windows. When our home got broken into, we were able to get replacements windows quickly. They matched our current windows perfectly and the staff was so courteous. Great experience during a really tough time. 

Sam Archit, Toronto, ON

The installer was excellent and pays attention to the little detail which met my expectations.

Mr. Hazit Azri October 2012, Toronto Ontario

We are very happy with the work done!

Cecellia Burbano November 2012, Toronto Ontario

Work was started on time and completed very well to our satisfaction.

Roger Bidaisee February 2013, Pickering Ontario

I wake up and eat breakfast every morning by our enormous bay window that we got from Deluxe. It lets in so much light and has actually made us love our kitchen again. Deluxe suggested it as a space saver and natural light enhancer. Great suggestion! We absolutely love it.

Megan Guestlmer, Montreal, OC

Deluxe Windows got our entire job done in two days! We were so grateful, since the weather can get quite chilly here. They did a great job, I would recommend them if you’re looking to have repairs done ASAP!

Dillan Klyde, Richmond Hill, ON

Excellent Job! Would recommend company to friends/family

Julie Youssef, Scarborough,Ontario

Excellent job on the installation, would recommend your company to my Family and Friends.

The installers were very clean and left everything tidy

Scott McCabe, Toronto,Ontario


Mr. Mardoguio, Toronto, On


Lina Balon-Gomez, Vaughan,ON

Was shown how to work all my windows, they removed all the garbage etc... Overall EXCELLENT Would definitely refer this company

Carol Sanhez, Mississauga,On

EXCELLENT!!! I'm very impressed with the workers attitudes and perfection on the installation of my windows. I will Refer your COMPANY ;-)

Ines Gorodnitzky, Toronto, Ontario

The installers were very nice and polite, they all knew what they were doing.. Excellent Job! I would refer you to Family/Friends

Ray Kennington, Toronto, ON

Excellent workmanship, all were pleasant to have in my home, all work was completes as specified, We would recommend this company

Mr. Lewis & Mrs. Carmen Chin, Mississauga, On

the installer was a nice person, all installers should be like him! It was my pleasure, excellent Job! I too would recommend your company....

Amin Sohoral, Etobicoke,Ontario


Mrs. Longalong, Toronto,Ontario

Great work

Ms. Notrl, Toronto,On

We are very happy with the changes and the installations of our new windows, Excellent work will recommend your company and staff

Teresita Romero, North York, Ontario

Excellent Job ! Very nice service as well, had an issue with the screen

Eli, Toronto, On

the work has been done in a professional manner meeting all the requirements to be of a wonderful customer service experience. I would refer your company

Nikolay Vlasichev, Toronto, On

Very Happy with my NEW Door! Excellent Job

Ms. Colonado, North York, On

Excellent Job! Great installer

Braughtou, Ontario

Excellent Job!! My in-laws were very happy with all the work-and it's not that easy to make them HAPPY, Thank you for and excellent job done.  We will refer your company

Mary Tabak, Oakville, Ontario

Excellent Service all around!

Mr. & Mrs. Casselman, Whitby, Ontario

Installer did an excellent job.... I would refer your company

Lasatha, Toronto,On

Changed 7 windows in my House, they did a very good job!

Derochie, Brampton,On


Sawh, Toronto, Ontario

Good work

Kim Kyusuk, Weston, Ontario

Looks fantastic, quick turn around overall great job

Ms. Brown, Toronto,On

Good job,

Carol, Toronto,Ontario

Excellent work, I will recommend your company

Mr. Blundell, Mississauga, Ontario

Everything was done, excellent job, Thank you.... I would refer your company

Shamina Toya, Downsview,Ontario

excellent! Thank you

Mike & Sharron Millard, Mississauga,Ontario

Your installer was very courteous and professional...Our Patio door looks Good and same with the quality

Jan Buciora, Mississauga,Ontario

Totally Satisfied with the job! and I will recommend to all my Family & Friends anytime

R. Meets, Toronto,On

Installers acted very professional, they showed us how everything is to work, they left our house clean....overall great Job!

I would recommend this company

F. Mbalire, Mississauga,Ontario

Installer and his crew were very polite and considerate, even dealing with me, an aged disabled person, it would be my pleasure to recommend them to others

Mr. Kieselbach, Toronto, Ontario

Your salesman was very nice, he offered a range of options for us,

your installers were also great to deal with

Overall Excellent Job   thank you

Rosa Dalessandro, Woodbridge,Ontario

excellent job as always!!!! will refer your company

Brian Hutton, Pickering,Ontario

We are very happy with our new windows & door from your company, Your workers were very polite & did tidy up afterwards

Excellent Job

Francis, Toronto,Ontario


Adrian Sulilatu, Mississauga,On

Very happy

H.DeLoreni, Concord,Ontario

Excellent job, very happy with everything.. Thank You

David Clayton, Scarborough,On

Very Happy with our Door! they did a great job, I would recommend your company

Tina Sabido, Etobicoke,Ontario

Originally I was nervous, but when the windows were installed everything looked amazing!

Your installers were all very professional and polite, we would recommend Deluxe to others


Thank You

Morag & Paul Dielschnider, Stoney Creek,Ontario

Very Professional!

Carol Linden, Maple,Ontario

Excellent Job, very Happy

Chattarpual, Toronto,Ontario


Selva Connell, North York,Ontario


R. Vlahakis, Brampton,Ontario


Mr. D`Silva, Bradford,Ontario

your installer is super friendly kind and courteous, was great to have him install all our windows & patio door

Would highly recommend

George Halley, Unionville,On

your installers were so careful when installing our windows.....well done

Lisa Weber, Mississauga,Ontario

Your installer was very courteous and professional, I would highly recommend your company to others

Philip Alexon, Richmond Hill,Ontario

Overall experience EXCELLENT!

Lucy Fineili, Kleinburg,Ontario

Excellent job I am very satisfied with the installation!!

Robert Mongal, Etobicoke Ontario

Very happy with the product, and also the installation.

Dan Guadagnoli, Woodbridge

The job was done very well and we are happy!

Marion Nicolesue, Mississauga

The workers were quiet and did a fantastic job!

Peter Feriggi, Rexdale

The installer did an excellent job!

Vishnu Ramnarine, Scarborough

Vladimir is very professional and very good at his trade.

Jean Jovero, Toronto

Great workmanship and quality of goods.. Very satisfied that I recommend you to my neighbors whom have signed a contract.

Domenic Lepera, Markham

Everything seems to be great, the installers were clean and helpful!

Shelly Salminen, Gerogetown

Very good job and also on time.

Raj Sreeharan, Newmarket


Gustavo Rodriguez, Etobicoke Ontario

Reallly good job!!

Mr. Sinnathai Jeganathan, Scarborough

I am very satisfied with the door, it makes my house look beautiful.. My installer Eugeni did a great job. I will recommend this company to whom ever wants to replace their windows and doors!

Lachmin Nwwton, Markham

Good job and I am very happy.

Ghirmai Habte, Scarborough

Brilliant work and a beautiful job.. Wonderful craftsmanship! A joy! Cleaned up perfect!!

Kathy Myeas, Mississauga

Service was very good!

ainsworth Killingbeck, Scarborough

All installations were checked, no issues observed.. very positive feedback for Vlad. Thanks!

Afshin Parvaresh, Thornhill

Very good service and very professional and excellent job!

Cherian Samuel, Mississauga

Thanks for the excellent job!

Grebory Belenry, Thornhill

Work was done very professional and a very good job.I wish the company best of luck!!

Abdul Qadir, Vaughan Ontario

Very Impressed with the installation.

Tony Grutta, Bolton Ontario

Vlad was very professional.. Good job!!

Eamonn Clarke, Whitby Ontario

Good job!

Maria Almeida, Scarborough

Alex is a very good installer.

Edmond Ayvazyan, Toronto

Great job, it was done on time. The clean up was very good.. We are very pleased and the installers were very polite!

Peter Thomas, Mississauga

The workers did a fantastic job everything looks great!!

Reaha Haynes and Gary Haynes, Pickering Ontario

A job well done!  Very satisfied with the windows and the installation.

Tony Vella, Woodbridge

The installers were very professional and courteous. The windows look fantastic, great job!

Rajan Tangri, Brampton Ontario

Very satisfied with the work that was done!

Barbara Scioli, Bolton Ontario

Great job, I am satisfied with the work that was done!

Jose Santos, Mississauga

Good job.

Siva Uthayakumaran, Mississauga

Excellent job and great installers.

Mamth Gogna, Etobicoke Ontario

Windows that were installed were done beautiful!

Donna Palmer, Brampton Ontario

Very efficient and courteous!

Tony Liuzza, Toronto

I am very happy with the job. The installer was very polite and he had explained everything to me very well!

John Freitas, North York Ontario

Excellent job.. Thank you!

Aref Poonawala, Mississauga

I am happy with the job and workmanship!

John Gill, Brampton Ontario

The installer did a very good job!

Pawanvir Johal, Brampton Ontario

I am very happy!! Good job.

Ghirmai Habte, Scarborough

Borris did an excellent job I will recommend the company to our friends!

Rodney Pereira, Mississauga

Very good work!!

Vick Singh, Brampton Ontario

Very good job.

Edith Bennett, Brampton Ontario

I am very pleased with the way the work was done. The installers were very polite and very professional.. Excellent job!! I will call this company for the next job that has to be done.

Ley Kuroshima, Scarborough

Good job!

Hui xu, Brampton Ontario

Very good installation of windows.

Rocio Lara, Toronto

Excellent job- very professional!

Mike Simpson, Brampton Ontario

Very good!

Susan Preston, Stayner Ontario

Excellent work! Thanks.

Jorge Buitrago, Maple Ontario

Very good work!

Ranjit Suppal, Brampton Ontario

Very good job! Thank you.

Rebecca Wood 2014, Toronto

Very good job, Well done, thank you guys!

Savitree and Dave Persaud 2014, Mississauga

The work that was done was excellent!

Ashok Kaicker 2014, Thornhill

I am very happy with the work I had done!!

Sonia Vieira 2014, Beeton Ontario

An excellent job!

Franca McKenzie 2014, Etobicoke Ontario

Workers were very polite while performing the installation!

Harold Gomez 2014, Bolton Ontario

Very pleased with the installation!

Doug Allen 2014, Innisfil Ontario

Very clean and fast service!

Joseph Felix 2014, Hamilton Ontario

Great job!!

Madonna Hall 2014, Alliston Ontario

Good job!!

T.J Vdainarine 2014, Etobicoke Ontario

Mario was very friendly and very helpful, he did a fantastic job. He was very quick and tidy!!

Gisel Nunes 2014, Mississauga

Very good!!

Soomadal Goberdan 2014, Mississauga

We were very pleased with the men, they were friendly and were very thorough!

Vern Gladys 2014, Innisfil Ontario

Great job, very polite and professional. I was very happy with the job the guys did and how friendly and nice they were.. Thanks!!

Donna Schwab 2014, Pickering Ontario

The guys were excellent, especially Mario he is really good and hard working! 

Mr. Goffur 2014, Brampton Ontario

I was very happy with the timing and courtesy!!

Mr. Keith Corne 2014, Brampton Ontario

An excellent job very efficient worker and very polite!! We are very very satisfied with the work done. It was our pleasure to have been involved with such a wonderful company!

Harry Ramsoomair 2014, Ajax Ontario

Excellent workmanship!

Raymond Ricketts 2014, Toronto

Great job! Thanks a lot.

Dmitry Petrakov, Toronto

We are very happy with our new windows and doors! The team that came out for the installation was fantastic!! 

Thank you Deluxe Windows!

Clayton D Mello 2014, Oakville Ontario

Excellent workmanship!!

Deyril Blachard 2014, Keswick Ontario

Very great installers- very helpful and good!

Kathrina Creste 2014, Mississauga

They did a wonderful job!!

Jose Romero 2014, Toronto

Great job!!

John Northover 2014, Barrie Ontario

Excellent work done. We will recommend this company to others!

Mr. Jayender Sthavkder 2014, Richmond Hill Ontario

Very nice and great work.. Very appreciated!!

Huyun Zhou 2014, Scarborough

We are very satisfied with the work that was done..

Thanks to Deluxe Windows and to their installers!!

Mr. Nazir khan 2014, North York Ontario

Excellent work! Very thorough, looks great!

Freddie Jaggan 2014, Pickering Ontario

Clean work, looks great!

Rudouph Hirsbrunner 2014, Toronto

I am very pleased dealing with your company, your company has done a beautiful job!

Mr. Haile 2014, Scarborough

It was a pleasure- thanks.

Alan Sartees 2012, Mississauga

Very good, thank-you!

Lourdes Vasquez 2012, Brampton Ontario

Very good service and installation.

Tinu Minhas 2012, Maple Ontario

Good job and the work was done very professional!

Aziza Chowdhury 2012, Mississauga

The workers were very pleasant, job well done!

Shirley Cassanova 2012, Etobicoke Ontario

Very neat and helpful staff, I am very happy with the job that was done at my home!!

Souna Azizgolshni 2012, Toronto

Excellent job, we will recommend the company to all of our friends.

Vesna Rozyla 2012, Mississauga

Excellent work!!

Risto Trifunouski 2012, Scarborough

Alex did a great job! I will recommend the company to our friend..

Thank-you very much!

Herminia Torrano 2012, Scarborough

Work has been done very professional and to our satisfaction. We would recommend this company and your team to our family and friends!

Alex Puskas 2012, Scarborough

Excellent job!!

Arunava Sen 2012, Scarborough

It was a pleasure doing business with you starting from sales to installation..


Jovana Kapor-Drezgic 2012, Toronto

Great job well done!

Elmer Camaganacan 2012, Ajax Ontario

Excellent job, workers are also excellent, fabulous work very satisfied on job done!

Yolanda Francisco June 2012, North York Ontario

Great workmanship and knowledge of products..

Mr. and Mrs. Satwik Dutt July 2012, Brampton Ontario

Nice job by your company!

Gormeet Bhagthana July 2012, Etobicoke Ontario

Slava and associates did a great job.. I would highly recommend the company!!

Benny Torres July 2012, Toronto Ontario

They did a great job!

Rouzbeh Salahi July 2012, Richmond Hill Ontario

Very good work!

Bipen Klhnna June 2012, Scarborough Ontario

Very good work, excellent and I am very happy!

Paul Karpouzis July 2012, Toronto Ontario

Excellent, great job!  We will be happy to refer you to other people.

Bachitter singh July 2012, Etobicoke Ontario

Incredible job!!

Vivek Ummat August 2014, Scarborough Ontario

Very good work was done by Vitalie and Andrey..

Thank-you very much:)

Barbara Zemierowska October 2013, Mississauga Ontario

Windows were installed on time, perfect workmanship and quality windows!

Nader Metwally October 2013, Pickering Ontario

Very very good job!

Patrici Redmond October 2013, Bradford Ontario

Thank-you job well done!

Josip Kulic October 2013, Toronto Ontario

Very good!

Francoise Dutan November 2013, Toronto Ontario

I am very pleased with the job done. Very professional!!

Jorge Arce October 2013, Toronto Ontario

Good workers give them a raise!

Rui Melo September 2013, Toronto Ontario

Well done- will recommend to others. Thanks!!

Mr and Mrs. Paul Patenaude September 2013, Markham Ontario

Great work!

Americo Lopes June 2012, Etobicoke Ontario

They did an excellent job, we are very happy with the work they had done to our home.. They are very nice workers.

Thank-you very much.

Mohammed Shohid April 2012, Scarborough Ontario

Great work, a neighbor will be using your services as well.

Scott Leone May 2012, Toronto Ontario

Great job and a reasonable price!!

Michael Nicholson May 2012, Oshawa Ontario

Excellent job!!

Gamal Mankaryous April 2012, Pickering Ontario

Installer was very handy and a fast worker!

Alana Gonzales April 2012, North York Ontario


Ray Rayton, Toronto,Ontario Sept/2013

Excellent job! I would refer your company

Leah Tataj, Toronto,ON Nov/13

Excellent work, real professional job, very happy with the final result.

Humberto Agudelo February 2012, Toronto Ontario

Made our home look like a million bucks!!

Jerry and Guylaine Gould August 2013, Orangeville Ontario

Excellent working manner, friendly and polite!

Safia Yusufazai August 2013, Pickering Ontario

Good work!
Thank-you very much.

Tom Nicholson September 2013, Etobicoke Ontario

Excellent work!!

Heather Newman August 2013, Keswick Ontario

Slava, Eric and Geroge were helpful, friendly and polite, of course professional.

Thank-you very much guys, you did a great job!

May Lam August 2013, Toronto Ontario

Workers were very nice and polite, they did an excellent job.

Evelyn Lopez July 2013, Thornhill Ontario

Great job!

Mohammad Ratigzad June 2013, Scarborough Ontario

Very professional!

Abtin Foghi June 2013, Pickering Ontario

Vitaly was very helpful and friendly and we would recommend him to anyone in need of service.

Ron and Carol Lazzari July 2013, Brampton Ontario

Excellent job!!


Dabrowski Waldemar June 2013, Courtice Ontario

Very efficient and quiet.

Lynn Deamer June 2013, Brampton Ontario

Good and clean workers!

Krystyna Kuciak April 2013, Mississauga Ontario

Very good installed, good considerate workers.

Daria Sarerino July 2013, Etobicoke Ontario

Windows look excellent.. Hope we will do business in the future!

Khirodamani Mohanta March 2013, Brampton Ontario

Very good and very quiet workers!

Elmahdi Elfadil March 2013, Brampton Ontario

Installers did an exceptional job!

Steve Kenny April 2013, Caledon Village Ontario

Thank-you! Excellent service all around!

Lori Kirk April 2013 , Scarborough Ontario

Special thanks to installers, Boris and Vasil for the very professional approach to the installation. They were very well prepared, provided good installation and left the workplace clean.


Gerorge and Nadia Mraz April 2013, Oakville Ontario

Very good job!

Balhan Bains January 2013, Scarborough Ontario

Slava and his team did an excellent job, they were through and payed attention to details. Communicated very well about the progress of their job, also Boris was amazing, excellent as an agent, he is definitely an asset to the company.

I would recommend a raise in salary for all!

Lilana Tarba July 2013, Toronto Ontario

Job well done!!


Guirguir Seleam February 2013, Brampton Ontario

Very good job, great guys!

Lloyed Beckford February 2013, Hamilton Ontario

Workers were very courteous and humble!

Shirley Cassanova March 2012, Etobicoke Ontario

Nice work!!


Vasuki Tharmalingam April 2013, Guelph Ontario

The work was done very nice with high working quality standard and professionalism. I would proudly recommend the company to family and friends.

Ronnie Estrella November 2012, Brampton Ontario

Well knowledgeable and experienced, demonstrated and explained from beginning to the end of the job!

Janett Smith October2012, Brampton Ontario

Great work done!

Faroog Khan October 2012, Scarborough Ontario


Good team!

Mr. Hammoud November 2012, Toronto Ontario

Very good quality!

Cathy Schaffter December 2012, Toronto Ontario

Two person work well together, they both are very calm and good workers.

They are very good installers!!

Stella Lam March 2013, North York Ontario

The installer was quite efficient and polite, easy to talk to and was good at explaining all our questions and concerns.

Jeffrey and Dropattee Seecharan April 2013, Newmarket Ontario

Very professional and courteous.

Job very well done!

Nancy Pellegrino April 2013, Maple Ontario

Installers x3 - Wonderful, perfect workmanship, would refer to any others.

Great work and very personable!

Jan Skrinek b April 2013, Ajax Ontario

Good job done, very professional team!

Nandan Suri August 2013, Toronto Ontario

Workmen were very tidy in all the clean up.

Very professionally done!!

Sylvia Verge June 2013, Oakville Ontario

All the work completed very good.

I am very much satisfied, the installers did a very fine job.

Thanks Deluxe Windows Team!!!

Mausoor Akhtar May 2013, Brampton Ontario

Love the look of the new windows!!

Mike and Maureen Driscoll June 2013, Mississauga Ontario

Great job!!  The installers were fast and accurate, very professional!

Anna Gryshchenko May 2013, Brampton Ontario

Very good job!!

Gurdeep Rakkar July 2013, Scarborough Ontario
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